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What people say about you matters more than what you can say about yourself. How people are taken care of and how long their dental work lasts makes them want to talk about their treatment and care with Dr. Villar.

Our patient reviews are from real people who trust us with their care and rely on us to help maintain their smile for a long time to come.

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Alexander Villar DDS  has over 4000 hours of advanced education. Patients recognize the quality and the level of dental care. That’s why our dental patient reviews are so popular.

Video Reviews

Watch our videos below and meet just a few of our wonderful patients. If you want to join our Santa Clarita dental practice home, you can contact us any time here.

Let us show you why people come from all over Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, the U.S. and 15 countries.


Lorraine used to work for Villar but even after she changed careers, she stayed with Dr. Villar as a patient. She brings her husband, children and everyone in her family. She knows his work ethic and his dentistry skill from two very different sides.

“He actually sits there and studies his cases for hours in his office. There’s no one like him. I don’t compromise on my medical and dental health, especially with my children. Dr. Villar is the best.” — Lorraine


Javier had a lot of pain and very damaged teeth. He had gone to many dentists before finding Dr. Villar.

'I was wasting time and money before I came to see Dr. Villar. He’s had to replace a lot of my teeth. Now they look good and there’s no pain. Honestly, if I don’t tell people that I’ve had work done, they don’t really know. I found out first hand just how much Dr. Villar likes his job." – Javier


Donna knows she snores because her husband told her and because he also has sleep apnea. Donna did not want to go to an overnight sleep clinic or wear the bulky device.

“I went through the sleep apnea testing and I am glad I’m doing treatment with Dr. Villar. People should look into it. You feel better. I know I do. The appliance Dr. Villar gave me is small, fits in my mouth and I use it. It’s like a basic retainer. Not being tired I can get out and do the things I want to do like exercise.” – Donna


Dr. Villar makes me feel calm and happy. - Maddie
Maddie’s mom, Liz, brought her to Dr. Villar for braces. Maddie loves going to see Dr. Villar.

“It makes it feel like it doesn’t hurt. My smile is getting better everyday.” – Maddie


Liz came to Dr. Villar with a lot of dental issues. She needed some real help. Dr. Villar helped her decide upon dental implants.

“Since I’ve had the implants, they feel like regular teeth to me. The whole process has been easy. I can eat my chips and salsa now. I love Dr. Villar. He made me feel comfortable the whole time by letting me know all of my options. He doesn’t push. He’s the dentist I will see forever. I have no need to go somewhere else.”
– Liz


Connie came in over 11 years ago for a simple tooth whitening and liked Dr. Villar so much, she’s been with him ever since. She drives from over an hour away and says she’d drive five hours to see him.

“I’ve had everything done with Dr. Villar. I trust him because I love him. He’s the most gentle. Never painful, always a pleasure. I looked like I had had a facelift. It was Dr. Villar’s dentistry. I recommend him to everyone and also his staff. They are all amazing. They treat you like gold. I have his cell phone number.” — Connie

Online Reviews

"Super excellent experience! I had my two teeth removed and grafted yesterday. Today I do not feel any pain or discomfort at all. During the visit the procedure was done painlessly, professionally, perfectly! I am so grateful to have Dr. Villar as my dentist. All people who work in his office are awesome too!"

Svetlana O.

"A great experience. Dr Villar was extremely thorough in his explanations regarding my procedure. If I wanted him no more he would have gone on for as long as you needed. Great staff. Everyone made you feel Comfortable. The facilities are awesome. As you would not expect the design features in dental office"

Steven B.

"Dr. Villar is really a cut above the rest! He takes time to discuss and really listens to your concerns to try to get to the root cause of what is going on. The office staff is friendly, professional and goes the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. I highly recommend Dr Villar and his associates!"

Malynda S.

"I must say that my first appointment with Dr. Villar was so wonderful. I appreciated his undivided presence and attention. He was beyond thorough and so incredibly knowledgeable. His assistant, Irene, and Patty up front were equally as wonderful. I highly recommend him."

Bonnie W.

"The dental hygienist was totally awesome did an amazing job and took their time to give a good cleaning. My wife was totally amazed at how well the other dental hygienists cleaned her teeth as well. Dr Villar was also great the whole office is beautiful and clean and they made sure that we were taken care of. The Frint desk lady was awesome and showed concern for us calling us to make sure that we were on a our way. We were so impressed that we are going to send our son there."

Fred R.

"Always stellar service! Dr. Villar's skill and gentle demeanor allows me to put my trust in him every time I need a procedure done. I come with a history of dental trauma from another dentist when I younger and I don't do procedures lightly. Dr. Villar has performed a root canal, two crowns, and enamel filling replacements on me all of which have been completely painless. I cannot say enough about what this means to me. I told him recently that he can never retire because I can't ever see myself going to another dentist!

The office staff is wonderful. Whether on the phone or in person, they are always warm, kind, and helpful. With immense gratitude for Dr. Villar and his office!"

Mary Ann R.

"Phenomenal experience!! I have such a fear of the dentist and hadn't been in 10+ years. The office staff and Dr. Villar take their time, talk to you through each procedure and make you feel very comfortable."

Jacquelyn D.

"Dr. Villar has a very gentle touch making each visit comfortable. He explains everything that is going to be done or needs to be done thoroughly. Always a good experience. If I can get my husband, who never goes to the dentist, that says a lot."

Maureen B.

"What I like about Dr. Villar is that he is straight forward and uncomplicated, looking for a simple solution rather than trying to sell the most complicated (and expensive) procedure. He was very perceptive of my concerns and explains things very well. I will definitely go back to have him finish what was started."

Adelaide S.

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